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Jumbo Package: Saban says they are “working on” snap issues

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 05 Alabama at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Nick Saban had his usual Monday press conference yesterday, and Chase Goodbread noted that he is still in a pretty good mood.

“How are you going to do with not having your phone? You’re of that generation, you know, that you’ve got to have it,” Saban said, breaking up the room with laughter.”

Saban’s generation, of course, was one of rotary phones and wall-hanger landlines. But good humor translates well from one generation to another, and these days, Saban is stringing together good moods like rarely if ever before. On Monday in a news conference that roughly lasted its usual 10 minutes, the coach also noted that “Miss Terry” had plenty of coaching points for him upon his return home from Starkville, after she’d watched the TV broadcast having never before missed an Alabama game in person since he became coach in 2007.

The matchup between Alabama’s offensive line and the Texas A&M front is perhaps the most significant one in the game this week. Saban said that they are working on the snaps.

—”I think we have to have a bit more focus on the snap because it’s been a consistent issue,” Saban said of Seth McLaughlin’s struggles. That’s an added thing for a quarterback to worry about, per Saban. They’re working on it.

—“He’s bright, smart, very instinctive as a football player,” said Saban of freshman safety Caleb Downs.

—Saban said Kadyn Proctor and Elijah Pritchett had their best games, along with “one of the better games” overall by the offensive line.

Not sure how you work on something that has been happening for three years. I found it interesting that he called out Elijah Pritchett there. Could it be that Pritchett slots in at guard and Dalcourt moves to center this week? There has been no indication of it, just don’t know what else could be done to improve.

You can watch the entire press conference below.

Nick Kelly reports that you are getting Gary this weekend.

Plan accordingly.

Maurice Smith’s brother Ainias says that the Alabama game is personal for him.

On Monday, Aggies wide receiver Ainias Smith added another layer of drama to the matchup.

During a news conference, Smith said squaring off against the Crimson Tide will be “personal” for him when asked about his feelings toward Alabama coach Nick Saban:

“I feel like this game is always more personal, every time I’m playing, you know what I’m saying?” Smith said. “I don’t know, what happened, it’s in the past now and I’m not able to control it, but every time I do look on that sideline I do think about what happened, and I’ll definitely be thinking about it. It’s more personal for sure.”

In case you forgot, Maurice claimed that someone at Alabama cleaned out his locker and threw out some personal stuff when he announced his intent to transfer.

Vawl John Adams is beating the rush on his prediction that Alabama will lose this weekend.

Texas A&M 27, Alabama 23: The Aggies know the value of a competent backup quarterback as well as anyone. After starter Conner Weigman incurred a season-ending injury, Max Johnson has stepped in to keep the offense rolling. He might be even more adept at getting the ball to playmakers like Evan Stewart and Ainias Smith.

The Aggies’ biggest offensive challenge will be keeping a Dallas Turner-led pass rush from pressuring Johnson. With time to throw, Johnson is exceptionally accurate on intermediate and deep throws.

Miami proved last month how vulnerable Texas A&M could be against a top-notch passing game. But Alabama doesn’t have a top-notch passing game.

Last, it will be homecoming BBQ for breakfast when Arky rolls into town.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.