We Need a Hoodoo

Ih the current state of Alabama football I can't help but reminisce of a time when Alabama Football was dominating and all was right with the world. Now hear me out my fellow Gumps! The last few years with out a championship have been rough and last season - TWO I say TWO losses in the regular season. I am by no means a man that understands the intricacies of the X's and O's on the gridiron but one thin I do know is that we retired the Hoodoo and Sweetheart here on this site and since then Bama football has not been the same. So if I may be allowed to post this on what could be a monumental contest that could impact the future of the Alabama Crimson Tide football program I am going to have myself a little hoodoo.

Back in March of 2020 I was sent home to work, what was thought to be a few weeks, maybe a month - LOLZ. Well during that time of being at home, you start to see, hear and smell things that you never noticed before. As I would venture downstairs from my office during my work days at some point I began to smell a smell that I could not place. It was a pleasant and fragrant aroma and very pleasing to the nasal passages. This went on for weeks and for all of my searching i could not find the source. I thought it might be from the Olive Tea trees outside the kitchen window, but when this was happening it wasn't the time of year they were blooming. I would walk around my house in confusion as the source of this floral fragrance that I enjoyed so much but could not find. One day while walking around I rubbed my mustache and beard and once again the smell, the so pleasing fragrant smell. It was then I realized that I had changed the coffee I was drinking as at that time we were doing Instacart to have groceries delivered and had tried one of the Aldi coffees. I realized the smell I had randomly been enjoying for the past month was the residue of one of the coffees I was drinking in my beard.

So there it is a funny but embarrassing story I offer up to the football gods, smile upon our football team and let that crazy voodoo take them to victory - ROLL TIDE!!!! Anyone want to join in post a hoodoo in the comments below.

She is a sweetheart, am I right?


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